Full length CD- Violence


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01: My Name Is Violence
02: Burn the Rapist
03:Toxic Terror
04: The Knife Is Sharper Than Ever
05: Justice Part 1: Crime
06: Justice Part 2: Punishment
07: Revuelta
08: Blood, Sweat and Pride
09: Mature Love
10: MK Ultra
11: To Those About to Die

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After surprising the world with the EP ‘Sharkbite!’, Grindpad has teamed up with Iron Shield Records to unleash their first full-length album.

An album that is full of ‘Good Friendly Violent Fun’!

On stage, Grindpad always delivers intense live shows, with audiences thrashing around in their signature ‘Sharkpit’.

If the audience doesn’t go home with a black eye, the band did something wrong!

With their new album, Grindpad once again proves to be the master of up-tempo songs that make you want to fight the neighbours, but also show’s off some great mid-tempo thrashers that make you want to bang your head off.

With Jörg Uken from Soundlodge Studios behind the mixing table and legendary Ed Repka responsible for the cover art, Grindpad made an album that not only kills musically but also sounds like one of the best Thrash records ever!

So, grab a beer, set your stereo’s volume to ‘Are you insane??’ and listen to VIOLENCE!

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